Getting the Most Out of Multiple-choice Questions

Getting the Most Out of Multiple-choice Questions

01/25/2013 1:30 pm
01/25/2013 4:00 pm

Getting the Most Out of Multiple-choice Questions
Friday January 25th, 2013

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
TH 253 e-classroom

Facilitator: Prof. David DiBattista, 3M National Teaching Fellow

Multiple-choice tests are the most widely used form of objective assessment in college and university settings, but using them effectively is not always a simple matter. Critics point out that multiple-choice questions are often poorly written, and moreover that they tend to focus on memorization at the expense of higher-level thinking. It is important to realize, however, that with proper training, these shortcomings can be avoided. Because writing structurally sound, high-quality items requires some expertise, we will begin our session by considering guidelines that can make the task much easier. We will then go on to consider how to write multiple-choice items that assess students’ higher-level thinking rather than their ability to remember facts. This session is designed to provide instructors with very practical tips that they can start using immediately in their everyday teaching.

David has made dozens of presentations on multiple-choice testing to instructors at colleges and universities across Canada, and has served as a consultant to federal and provincial government agencies. He has also won numerous teaching awards, and is a 3M National Teaching Fellow.

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TH 253 e-Classroom
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